about Andean Exclusive

Andean Exclusive is a team with experience in the tourism sector and very committed to our customers. We develop vacations made to measure, adapting perfectly to the needs and requirements. If the priority is comfort, adventure, education, or a combination of all of the above, we strive for exceeding all expectations. Our style is characterized by kindness, honesty, and sensitivity to desires and individual needs.

Our City

Cusco, Peru, is a jewel set in a mystical and magical setting, which is the heart of our company. Though it is described as a Spanish colonial city, the foundations of many of the impressive buildings were built by the indigenous people over 600 years ago, but also the ancestral Inca culture that implies traditions, architecture and mysteries of a wonderful civilization. We explored the mountains that surround the city, rising another ten to fourteen thousand feet. While interacting with international tourists during our youth, we were encouraged to share our culture. This inspired us to acquire more knowledge of Peru’s history and value to the world. Concurrently, we developed interest in other nations and cultures, and in people motivated to travel hundreds to thousands of miles to our homeland. Pride and curiosity were traits developed by our interaction with people of other lands and the foundation on which we built our company.

How we work?

Your Peruvian vacation will be unforgettable. “Best trip of our lives!” so many of our clients have exclaimed, and the high praise has kept us focused on being consistent in providing the very best in customer satisfaction. We develop tailor-made vacations that perfectly fit your needs and requests. Our signature style is characterized by amiability, honesty, and sensitivity to individual’s wishes and requirements. Further, the “exclusive” in the company’s letterhead reflects on the company’s assistance from initial contact, throughout the trip, and beyond. We’ve found the attention to detail of genuine and invaluable importance to our travel customers.


Offer a life experience to all people we whom we have the honor to work with Committed to innovation and the appropriate use of resources, creating a tourism of learning and sustainable. Our work is make traveler's dreams come true, bringing them closer to Peru, their history and reality.


Become one of the most important tour operators specialized in the Tourism Industry. Developing exceptional standards of satisfaction for our external, internal customers and collaborators Creating our own school as for the operation and relationships interpersonal turning us into a model.

Our Values


Carmen Espejo

Sales Manager & CoFounder

She is licensed in Tourism and a person with many positive qualities, is responsible and strict with the order of things. She is a leader whom everyone sees as an example. She loves to enjoy her work, travel with loved ones, meet new people, and learn new cultures and customs. Her personal projection with the agency is to grow up everything within the agency as a family.
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Walter Medina

General Manager & CoFounder

He is responsible for supervising movements inside and outside the agency, always looking for news that our passengers can enjoy. He is a trustworthy person, a responsible father and a dedicated husband. He likes cars and enjoys good landscapes. He is a proud Cusquenian of his land and his customs.
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Gabriela Mora

Behind the scenes

She is in charge of the company's finance area, her main function is the payment of suppliers. He studied administration at the local university. He speaks English fluently. She loves to travel and dance.
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Yenny Human


Her area is to be an accounting assistant, as a company worker, her objective is that of a quality service and that the passenger is satisfied with the services we provide them, and since we always work as a team, it is common to see our passengers return home happy.
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Luisa Ancaypuro


She is a very enthusiastic and responsible Tourism Guide, she enjoys doing her job and likes challenges. She works from the office in charge of doing all kinds of operations in the agency. She loves reading, singing and traveling. She wants to consolidate the agency as the best within the tourist sector providing quality services and give unforgettable experiences to our passengers.
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David Miranda

Web designer and positioner.

He is a person with fixed aims to his objectives, retailer and willing to solve problems. He is responsible for advertising & marketing within the company. Enjoy your work and travel with good company. Think that "Andean Exclusive" is built on a large base and is an example to project always to grow more since the agency always invites to be better.
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Julio Humpire

Customer Services

In the company, its job is to support operations, he also handles reports, filling in the details of our customers and re-confirmation of reservations. Finally, support the areas that need it.
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Edith Dueñas


Edith has been in tourism for more than 5 years, is an expert person in many tourist areas. Within our offices she is the office of the reservation area. It aims to grow with the agency, always keeping our values ahead.
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Percy Sánchez

Organizer and quality supervisor

He is our Chef and Guide on high mountain routes. Its quality is a strict and orderly order to give a quality service. He is a very proactive, innovative person and likes challenges. He loves to play soccer, cook and like to enjoy time with her children and pets from home. He wants the agency to obtain a great prestige of service and quality within the tourism sector.
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Merci Ortiz

Behind the scenes

She is our tourist marketing expert. He has been dedicated to this area for 9 years, attending to each client's requirement. She is very creative and likes to design, she also speaks English, French and studies German. She loves dogs, loves to travel and go for a walk breathing fresh air.
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