Cusco of dream

Cusco of dream

Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco

Cusco of dream

7 days
Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco

  • Day 1. Cultural Sacred Valley Km 0    
  • Day 2. Sacred Valley VIP    
  • Day 3. The hearth of Sacred Valley    
  • Day 4. Kay Magical Inca Trail 2D/1N    
  • Day 5. HuaynaPicchu or MachuPicchu Mountain / Cusco    
  • Day 6. Cusco 360°    
  • Day 7. Free AM / Out PM    

Day 1. Cultural Sacred Valley Km 0

Take flight from Lima to Cusco: Today, you will be met by your representative at the airport, who will introduce you to your private guide and driver who will be with you during your stay in Cusco, then you will be escorted in a private vehicle to Pisac, one of the most important Inca sites in the Urubamba Valley. Making some stops along the way.
Llama & Alpaca Ranch:  Along the way to Pisac,  you will have the opportunity to see the different andean camelids that live in the Andes such as llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos. Alpacas have thick wool commonly used for textiles while the vicuñas are smaller and have delicate fur that is considered the finest in the world.
Guided Visit of Pisac Market and Ruins: Following your visit to Llama & Alpaca Ranch continue on to Pisac where you will experience the sights and sounds of the town’s famous market, with a variety of handcrafts and fresh produce. Afterwards, continue on to the Pisac ruins. With Inca masonry of superlative quality, the stunning terracing following the contours of the mountain and superior view of the valley will leave you in awe. Explore at your own pace in this marvellous setting.

Day 2. Sacred Valley VIP

Guided Visit to Ollantaytambo Town & Fortress
Today visit the fabulous town of Ollantaytambo and its ruins. The town is unique in that it still preserves its original Inca plan, with people living in traditional cancha enclosures once occupied by the Inca elite. The archaeological compound found here is a remarkable spectacle and a site of great historical significance. It was here that one of the greatest battles of the Conquest was fought, and one of the few where the Incas defeated the Spaniards. Following your visit, you will continuing to next part of your visit.
Guided Visit to Maras & Moray 
In the afternoon, you will visit Maras, the site of the remarkable and unusual Salinas, located in the heart of the Sacred Valley and not far from Urubamba. This site consists of a huge number of watered terraces that collect salt by evaporation from the saline waters that gush from an underground stream. Built-in a similar way to agricultural terraces seen throughout the Andes, the Salinas have been in use since pre-Columbian times. Visually, the shining, salt-encrusted terraces are extraordinary. Nearby Maras lie the most enigmatic Inca terraces at the site of Moray. This unique site, probably used for agricultural experimentation, consists of several enormous terraced circular depressions. Following your visit, transfer back to your hotel.

Day 3. The heart of Sacred Valley

The Heart of  Sacred Valley

3-4-hour trek and rural village visit with expert guide. Today you will get to know the real Sacred Valley, a side of Peru that most travelers don’t have the chance to experience. Your day will start with a morning pick-up from your hotel, and your guide and driver will take you to the historic town and ruins of Chinchero (3,800m/12,500ft). Higher than Cusco and the Urubamba Valley, Chinchero was once home to the great conquering emperor Inca Tupac Yupanqui and features incredible history as well as a charming village with views of the snow-capped Cordillera Vilcabamba mountain range. Upon arrival, you will take a tour of the town and ruins, and also optionally can visit one of the iconic weaving centers in the area. 
From here you will begin your hike. Please note this hike’s grade difficulty is moderate, and it takes place at high altitude. As you walk out of Chinchero, you will be greeted by a few friendly llamas and their caretakers who will accompany you on your hike. You will then begin to ascend gradually for about 1.5-2 hours through fields of potatoes, flowers, and Andean grain, likely without another person in sight. The locals accompanying you will explain (with translation from your expert guide) about the regional plants and the uses of llamas in their community.
They are extremely welcoming and friendly, so take advantage of the opportunity to askquestions and get to know them before you visit their village. After the ascent you will reach a gorgeous mountain plateau, perfect for taking a snack and water break, and snapping some photos. Then continue on your hike, descending for about an hour until you reach the little visited Incan ruins of Machucollca. Along the way you will have sweeping panoramic views of the mountains and valleys, and even have the chance to guide the llamas if you’re up for it.
Your guide will explain the ancient use of the ruins as food-storage, before you continue about 20 more minutes to the local community of Rajchi. In the village you will be greeted by one of the warm local families that will welcome you to their home for a carefully prepared lunch. Enjoy the likes of vegetables, potatoes, and corn grown in their gardens, as well as delicious meat and home-made sauces. Your exact menu will vary based on the season you visit.After lunch you will continue to their outdoor weaving area for a demonstration on their textile artistry. You will learn how they spin, dye, and weave the wool or fur from their animals. Then head to the field to try your hand at plowing, or simply watch as they demonstrate their daily tasks on the farm. After a full day of culture and trekking, return to your hotel with new perspective on the region.

Day 4. Kay Magical Inca Trail 2D/1N

Transfer from Urubamba Valley to Ollantaytambo Train Station
Today you will be picked up from your hotel and driven in a private vehicle approximately 20 minutes to the train station in Ollantaytambo to begin your journey to Machu Picchu.
Train Ollantaytambo to KM104 for 1 day hike on the Inca Trail. As its name indicates, the train has spectacular panoramic windows to make the most of the incredible panoramic views during the incredible trip. This service has a total of five cars and is the mid-range option of PeruRail, offering comfort and quality in addition to snacks and soft drinks. The approach of the train is to captivate guests with an impressive and constantly changing environment while giving them the opportunity to take some spectacular photos of the trip. The journey from Ollantaytambo to KM 104 is about 1 hour.
The baggage allowed for this service is hand luggage (which we can provide) with a maximum weight of 5 kg/11 pounds and a maximum size of 157 cm/62 inches (length + height + width). Our representatives will coordinate for larger suitcases to be kept in a safe place at your hotel until your return from Machu Picchu.
One-day Inca Trail | 6-hour hike with expert guide. 
For those who want to reach Machu Picchu on foot and avoid the usual crowds that arrive by train and bus, the Inca Trail is the perfect choice. You will disembark from the train half an hour before reaching Aguas Calientes (the station that serves Machu Picchu) and cross a suspension bridge to the small but interesting Inca archaeological complex of Cachabamba. After a brief visit to this site, you will begin a three to four hour ascent to the ruins of Wiñay Wayna, a remarkable Inca site that can only be accessed on foot. From here, you will walk approximately 2 hours along the main Inca Trail to Inti
Punku, or the Gate of the Sun, where you will see for the first time Machu Picchu below. Most of the hike is uphill with a good amount of cliffs and views of the Vilcanota River. After arriving at Machu Picchu,

Day 5. Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain / Cusco 

Second Day in Machu Picchu | Accompanied by expert guide 
This morning, take a bus back for a day full of activities in the ruins. Depending on your interests, there are a variety of excursions available, and your guide will be available to offer you explanations on the meaning of the different sections of the ruins. Free lunch.  After your visit to Machu Picchu, you will take a bus to the village of Aguas Calientes to take the train back to Cusco.
Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo
As the name suggests, the train has spectacular panoramic windows to make the most of the incredible panoramic views during the incredible trip.
This service has a total of five cars and is the mid-range option of PeruRail, offering comfort and quality in addition to snacks and soft drinks. The approach of the is to captivate guests with an impressive and constantly changing environment while giving them the opportunity to take some spectacular photos of the trip. The journey from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo is about 1.5 hours.
Transfer from Ollantaytambo train station to Cusco
Upon arrival at Ollantaytambo train station, you will be met by a representative of Andean Exclusive and transferred approximately 2 hours to your hotel in Cusco.

Day 6. Cusco 360°

In Cusco and Surroundings | 5-hour tour accompanied by one of our expert guides
Cusco (3400 m/11 155 ft) is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Peru and possibly in South America. It was considered the navel of the earth and was the capital of the Tahuantinsuyo (Inca Empire), an empire that, at its peak, extended northward to southern Colombia, southward to northern Chile and Argentina, and eastward through the Andes to the Amazon basin. After being transported from your hotel, start your visit at the Plaza de Armas in the city center. Tour the city as you learn about the rich history and important moments that took place in the streets and buildings in front of you. Visit the Renaissance style cathedral, undoubtedly one of the most imposing structures in the city, and admire the exquisite masonry of Koricancha, or the "Temple of the Sun" Inca. You will also get to know the most important Inca archaeological sites around Cusco and you can choose which one to visit depending on what you have already explored in Cusco. The highlight is the temple-fortress of Sacsayhuaman, in an imposing position overlooking the city. This is the only known Inca site that features megalithic architecture, with its imposing zigzag terrace walls made of the largest carved stones incorporated into any structure in the world. You can then choose to visit more of the archaeological sites that are located nearby, including Tambomachay, a spring water source that is believed to be worshipped by the Incas, Qenqo, a stone maze and Puca Pucara, a tower within the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman.

Day 7. Out PM

Transfer from hotel in Cusco to airport  | Take flight from Lima to Cusco
On the way out from Cusco, a representative will pick you up from your hotel 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier to your flight and take you to the airport. The representative has already your boarding pass to get inside the airport and would help you with check-in process and be there if you need something in the counter. Then will escort you to the entrance of departures launge to say goodbye.

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