01 Emmanuel Burgio

President Blue Parallel. Inc.

On behalf of all Blue Parallel team, I would like to thank you a million for all the hard and excellent work over the past 12 years. It has been a real pleasure to work with you and we always felt that we could count on you regardless of the day / time and regardless of how challenging the request was. We will miss you a lot as we almost felt you were part of our day -to day team. We wish you the best of luck, and we hope that our paths will again cross in the future.
02 The Anderson Family

Hello Carmen:

} Thank you for our delicious lunch with you. We enjoyed it very much and also our weaving visit and guinea pig!! You and your mother are twins!! I just wanted to confirm we leave lake Titilaka hotel with Octavio tomorrow at 07.00am. Thank you and until next time
03 Travel Planner in Aracari

Dear Carmen, Marleny, Luisa and Raquel:

} I hope you are good I just wanted to tell you from the date my load left as a Travel Planner in Aracari. Keep in touch with the company and I hope we can find again in the future It has been a pleasure working together with Andean Exclusive team and I thank you very much for your professionalism, patience, support and dedication. I leave my contact information.
04 Grace Mary Riggs Brousseau *** Susan David *** Nancy Neglia Willard

Dear Andean Exclusive Team:

} We were extremely pleased with our tour. Andean Exclusive, Carmen and her team, are creative and attentive. The guides were top-notch and the attention was personalized. We were particularly pleased with those special touches and surprises that were included, such as the picnic lunch in the beautiful countryside and the “chaman” ceremony of offering to the “Pachamama”. We were treated like royalty at all times. The sites chosen and included in our tour were exactly what we wanted, in order to really appreciate the history as well as present day customs and daily living in Cusco and surrounding areas. We not only visited monuments but attended demonstrations, for example, on the dying of fibers and the weaving of those beautiful alpaca articles Cusco is so famous for.
05 Erna } So wonderful to hear from you!! Our time in Peru was amazing and I think in some way we will be forever touched by our time spent there. You know that we were overwhelmingly taken with our trip. In particular, some of your team were so outstanding that it is difficult for others to be compared. Veronica, Freddie, Lucio and Mario were amazing!! They delivered outstanding professional services. Along with their patience, their pleasure in making the best experience possible for us and delightful company, these things set them apart from all others. Monica and I send you our warmest thank you for watching over us and all your special attention!!!
Best, Erna
06 Dear Carmen

Hi there!!!

Hi there!!! Denise and I and our families want to thank you for such a GREAT trip!!! We had such a great experience in your country. All of the guides and drivers were SO great - knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating and FLEXIBLE. We were very leary of the whole process but you made believers out of us. So THANK YOU for your hard work to make sure we got what we wanted and worked with us on price and details! Also, thank you, and your family. for having us over for dinner AND for the blanket that David brought for us to take home - SO nice!! Your family was so nice and went out of their way to make such a nice dinner! Please thank them again for us! Sorry to have missed you, but like we told your family, you are always welcome at our home in the US if you ever come!!! We would welcome hosting you!!! :) Thanks again Carmen, and hope to see you again someday!!!!
07 Allow me to introduce Carmen- she is my favorite travel guru in Peru and can help your Dad with any and all of his travel needs in Peru. I have sent many family and friends to her over the year and have never been anything but blown away by her professionalism and expertise. There is nobody better for luxury in Peru!! And she can get you often better prices than going direct to the outfitters because of her volume. Carmen, meet our good friend Jon. HE is looking for a few options for river cruises for his dad in Peru. I thought you might look at the Delfin as well as maybe Aqua...?? I will leave it up to you which others you think he might like. Please take very good care of him as I know you will!! Ok, I will leave it with you guys now to figure out the details.
Best, Amber

Dear Carmen,

Our October 23-November 1st was a real success and the travellers left Peru with unforgettable memories. I wanted to thank you personally since you were the architect of the trip. When these VIP travellers asked me to organize their trip to Peru, you were obviously my first choice as a local operator. My trust was based on our longtime relationship when I was a regional director for Butterfield and Robinson and you were Auqui's chief of operations. I was happy to realize that your standards were as high as ever and that we still shared the same attention to details. I will definitely communicate with you next time I organize a trip to Peru
Warm regards, Jean-Louis Doss